Truth Tuesday: Enoughism

So, let’s just get one thing straight.  2016 doesn’t actually start in January.  It’s starts in February.  Oh, you didn’t know?  I know.  It’s ok.  I just decided this.  January is like pre-2016.  Like 2015.75.  I don’t know about you, but I’m rebooting on Feb. 1st like it’s Jan. 1st.  For reals.  Oh, let’s get back to our regularly scheduled programming.

Today we’re talking about a new wave of something.  I wouldn’t dare call it feminism, because then some people would stop listening.  I wouldn’t call it equalism either, because then some people would start arguing.   

I’m going to call it enoughism.  

It’s the belief that you don’t need to be fixed, but you deserve to be integrated.

I run into two types of folks in this weird “fitness” business, which is really just life business in the end.  One type comes in saying, “I NEED TO FINALLY GET MY ASS IN GEAR AND BE MY BEST SELF.”  The other type comes in with eyebrows raised and very guarded, saying, “I DESPISE THE FITNESS WORLD AND I’D THINK IT’S ALL FOR THE BIRDS, BUT I’M IN PAIN.”

The first type thinks that they need to be fixed.  They believe they will finally find the nugget that will give the secret code to wellness and oomph and vitality.  And they truly assume that the fault is their’s in that they don’t have that code.   

The second type doesn’t believe in fitness, for very good reasons.  They’ve decided to live a life free from that burden in their mind and said adios most extensions of fitness, save maybe a bit of yoga and walking and running here and there.  They are healthy on their own terms and they won’t let a little spandex queen determine the measurements for “fit.”

Well, there’s one thing that I know for sure.  Eventually, both of these types find themselves in the same spot.  Their bodies will, at some point, need them to pay attention to injury, pain, illness, etc.   No one is immue.  It’s just what happens.   

And, when things start to fall apart in your body, we think we are falling apart.  But, listen carefully:  Your body is not designed for so much of the odd invention of modern motherhood and is so not cared for in the most primal ways that a female body needs to be care for.   And this supposedly falling apart is just your brilliant, curious, strong-willed body trying to seek equilibrium and keep you walking, no matter the consequence.   Your nervous system doesn’t care if that means you will end up with herniated discs or sciatica or injury.  It is not thinking about efficiency.  It is only thinking about keeping that body of yours surviving and moving forward.  Period.

Now, if we start to throw some other ideas in there, like it’s your fault or that the fitness world is stupid, then you’re missing a huge opportunity.  The opportunity is that your body simply deserves some integration.  It doesn’t need to be fixed or saved or reprimanded, it just needs to be integrated in a way that allows for optimal function.  

So, my challenge to you today is to toss aside any messages you are throwing in the way of integration.  I beg you to forgive yourself, to stop beating yourself up, and to stop thinking you are a lost cause who needs an army of help.  I also beg you to let go of the idea that fitness has to be associated with appearance-driven values or surface-level caca that you refuse to digest (me too).

This February, I’m going to be preaching Enough-ism.  And this February, which is actually when 2016 starts, I’m gonna welcome you into this here fine Tribe where we dive head first into supporting the animal in you, without the extra hubbub that blocks you from truly living a life of adventure - which, by the way, that nervous system of yours was and is completely designed to do.  You’re basically sitting on a off-road Jeep of a vehicle and using it to drive over potholes in the city.  

Go use your Jeep and go off-roading.  In the mud.   

Join The Hook and I’ll help you do just that.