Monday Monday: So, This Happened

Blog by Barbie:

I grabbed my boy shorts, leg warmers, stilettos and knee pads.  I was off to my group exercise class.   And by “I grabbed my boy shorts, leg warmers, stilettoes and knee pads” I mean, I grabbed a water and a towel.  

At mommastrong, we encourage your daily 15 be the basis of your daily fitness and most of the time the 15 minutes is perfectly enough.  Sometimes though, we know that women use it as a springboard for other things.  A passport for movement.   Some risky, some adventuresome, some childlike (jumping double dutch, playing football, dancing), some returning to fitness passions they had “back then”, some tough mudders, some belly dancing, etc.  I, myself, wanted a risqué stamp in my passport this morning.

I went to a Twerkology 101 class.  Actually that is making me sound studious, I'm not.  I was sure I’d get a dunce’s hat.

You read right.  Twerking, a portmanteau word of twist and jerk.  The movement that the philosopher Sir Mix a Lot started (not true).  This white girl’s flat ass was not prepared for what was in store or in sore for her.  My friend and I were the only new ones in the class and still hadn’t put away our inhibitions in the lockers like everyone else had.  These 20 women (a motley crew which were of all shapes, sizes, statures, buttocks) and the instructor were a bunch of honey badgers, not giving a damn.  It. Was. Awesome.  After the instructor said “now…at this point in the warm up you’ve engaged your inner thighs and tilted you pelvis in just the right way that your kitty is saying Good Morning”!  I laughed, of course. She also then said, “don’t worry about what your neighbor’s ass is doing, we all twerk a little differently”. This is when I said “omg, this is the best class ever”.  

Fun it was.  Easy it was not.  The music blared in the studio with the drum and bass dropping perfectly, and all of our faves up there helping us twerk…….Nicki Manaj, Live Crew, Ying Yang Twins, and *insert people I’m too old to know here* (Here is link to the best twerking music around  You know I just saved you a googling :)

We just played and tried things out.  Some werked some didin’t.  I even did a handstand on a wall to get maximum twerkage (thank you mommastrong pikes and planks!!!)  We jiggled and huffed and puffed and blew the hour down.  Most importantly, we didn’t take ourselves too seriously.

Our bodies are amazing.  And when we fuel them with fun, challenge and “out of the boxedness” they eat it up.   They do what we tell them to, even if not in perfect form.  I used to teach spinning classes back in the day and one day my husband then boyfriend asked me “why do you spin”?  I paused and said, because I can.  That has been my belief for a long long time.  I move because I can.  What a gift.  A gift that should be kept in a safe place, and treasured while simultaneously used until frayed, and tattered.

Now, I totally plan on practicing my newly acquired moves but not until I don’t feel so sore.  And of course I’ll be going back to the studio.  This time with a little more than water and a towel.  I definitely need those knee pads!

If you’re a Triber, continue rocking hard.  If you have never heard of Momma Strong, or haven’t ever thought you were “into” fitness……come and give us a try.  It will be the best $2 you will have ever spent.  In fact, if you can’t pay the $2, I’ll spot you.  Just give us a try.    See when fit happens.