Member Monday: Karen Anne Vinson

Member Monday is back!  We'll be sharing all the whats and hows and doings of our members so you can be reminded over and over that A) you are not alone, and B) strength = risk and adventure.  Also, it's our way of supporting the work of women in the world and helping spread the word.  Enjoy today!


I met Karen Anne a few years ago at a mastermind group where we all met up and talked about the raw deal with "visibility" in our careers.  And Karen and I were (and still are) in the same phase of hustle with our businesses.  I know what she has come up against and how many naysayers she has had to ignore.  But, she's stuck with it and she does it with a refreshing joy ... lightness and focus all tied up into one.  Plus, she's created a badass product/service with salon-quality home hair color and you ought to check her out.  And while you might think it's the ordinary sort of high-end box color sort of deal, it's not.  She's solving a problem that so many busy moms have and she's demanding that just because time/money might be an obstacle, quality of self-care ought to still be available.  I can't tell you how many times I have turned my hair green or baby poop brown before using boxed color due to a lack of funds for the salon.  SOOOOOO.  Saving one head at a time, she is.  ;)

She's got an incredible story herself as woman and mom of two daughters, and has survived the teenage years, so I'll probably be knocking on her door in a few years for more inspiration.

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