Member Monday: Michelle M. Olsen

Bio:  Michelle M. Olsen, MA, CPCC is a Mom of two children - a daughter, 7, and a son, 4.  Michelle is the founder and coach at GreenLight coaching.  She coaches busy women to find clarity, inspiration and purpose during career transitions.  Michelle loves being an advocate for Moms during the sacred journey of Motherhood and the transition back to paid work.  She is committed to contributing to a world where more women choose self-compassion ovre self-judgment.  She is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) and has an MA in Organizational Psychology.     

What makes you feel strong, Michelle?  

  • Emotionally a good cry makes me feel strong.
  • Physically, doing a workout when it is the last thing I want to do and feeling GREAT afterwards makes me feel strong.
  • Spiritually I feel strong when I remember to pause before I react to anything, kids, husband, friends, other human beings on this planet. 

Check out Michelle's upcoming Back to Work Tele-Summit!  So many amazing women and such an incredible resource!