Universal Declaration of Summertime Rights (no shaving required)



When the whole world goes YAYYYYYYYYYYYY and Instagram pictures get all beachy and drinks get cold and ... guess what?  You, dear momma, are like, “Um, wait.  Dishes?  Boogers?  Interrupted sleep?  Where’s my summer break?”  

I always feel like summertime is a colorful ferris wheel ride of fun that never has a seat for me.  I’m stuck on the perimeter, dizzily watching it go around and around as a I wear a fake smile and hold everyone’s melting cotton candy as they scream with wild delight.  

Like, wait, I want on that ride too.  I want a summer, too.  I am fun, too.  

Alas, I often feel a million steps behind.  I’ve got work and bills and now I’ve got even more mom guilt because I’m not as free and sunny as I want to be.  My kids are more “Netflix” than mud-fix.  And I don’t want that.  I want dirt between our toes.  I want fireflies at dusk.  I want canoes and smelly horses.  I want grass stains and bathing suits damp from sprinklers.  I want tired bones that collapse into bed each night knowing that I soaked up enough sun and laughter.  I want to know that I tried my best to remind my kids that even though life is tough and the world is nuts, we all deserve a breather.  And summer is a warranted breather that we will embrace with abandon and gratitude.

Obviously, I know it won’t be perfect.  Obviously, there will be stress.  I am a parent.  I will want a break from my kids.  I will await impatiently for school to start again.  But, what if it could be different just a wee bit ... just enough different than before?  What if there were a way?  What if instead of being dumped like a Maine lobster into boiling water, I get to experience at least 60% of the summer as a pure treat, a conscious dip into the lulls of play and presence with my children?  What if they get to witness me as the soul I am and not the encumbered, contained, itchy mom they are used to?  

I am going to create that way for me and my girls this summer.  I am going to carve out that which we all deserve and I’m going to say, Damn it, I get to get a tan too even if I don’t have time to shave my legs (ever).

And because I’m only 90% a naive idiot, I realize that creating this sort of experience will take some training and planning.  I also know that I am going to be overwhelmed.  And, I know that my energy will be the #1 thing I need in order to receive and give this gift.  So, let’s do this.  Let’s be smart and unshaved mommas, ready to take on summer with imperfection as our cushion and pleasure as our mission.

Join me this June 5th for a new edition of The Hook: 28-Day Strength Challenge that will nurture, protect, and provide energy for the summer ahead.  We will deconstruct fitness down from the layered bull sh*t it has become and focus on the simple stuff so that you can use it to launch your joy.  And while other programs will be selling you their bikini secrets, I won’t.  No thanks.  Who cares.  Onward.  I’ll be sharing my soul and begging you to do the same.  (Bikinis need more more than abs, FYI).

Oh, and I’ll also be getting your husbands/partners involved this summer too in their own strength challenge so that you’re not the only one who has energy for, um, dishes and parenting and the like.  Stay tuned on Wed, May 31st for info on a launch of their NEW 28-Day PapaStrong Challenge, which will also start on June 5th.  

Sign up today.  See you soon, on the ferris wheel of course.