It's NOT about your core


It’s taken me 17 years in this industry to learn and be able to say with confidence the following:  Working your abs to fix your body problems is like giving a teenager life advice.

Aka, not effective.

Aka, lose lose.


If core work fixed our physical complaints, then America would a be a land of flat abs and shiny six packs.  Annnnnnnnnnd, I’m not sure if you have the same view I do, but that’s just not the case.  

Along with that, the rates of postpartum conditions like prolapse, diastasis recti, hernia, disc injuries, sciatica, and incontinence are on the rise more than ever before.

IF core-centric workouts worked, then this would not be happening.  It just wouldn’t.  These conditions would be non-existent and women, especially women who’ve followed all the rules for fitness during and after pregnancy, wouldn’t be walking around in pain and feeling broken.

But, every woman I know and with whom I have the privilege of treating, have bodies that feel not their own and that feel as if they are falling apart.  In 2018!  In the space and time where we can develop apps and technology that defy our wildest imaginations and build buildings and bridges that scrape the clouds and fancy cars that run off electricity, we STILL can’t figure out the engineering of the female body.  I mean, honestly, WTF.

I have been focused intensely on the issue the last few months and how I can improve what MommaStrong offers as a solution.  I’m sick to death of seeing incredible women walk around with solutions and I won’t give up.  I won’t.  The good news is that I’ve stumbled across the solution.  It’s been healing my body more than I could have expected and it’s been healing the women with whom I work.  Here it is:  The resolution to our physical issues and our core dysfunction exists NOT in our middles, but in our cheeks.  Yes, your bum.  Booty.  Fanny.  Glutes.  

It’s basic engineering, to be honest.  In essence, what is clear to me is that our abs/core will work if they have the space and support to do so.  This means that our pelvis becomes the key factor in the function of our midsections and this also means that unless our pelvis has the support it needs, the core can’t fire accordingly. 

Think about it like this:  You work for a company that sells slippers and you got hired to make sure the customer was happy with said slippers.  But, imagine if your daily to-dos involved cleaning the bathrooms and doing algebra problems before communicating with customers.  I guarantee you’d end up with unhappy customers.  This is what happens to your core when your pelvis isn’t supported.  It has to focus on jobs that distract it from its singular mission.  The good news is that as soon as you get your pelvis supported, the core can go back to the job at hand and EVERYTHING STARTS TO WORK.  Everything.  Slippers got sold and customers stay happy for life.  

This brings me to the question you all have:  But how do I support my pelvis?  As I mentioned earlier, the answer to that question is YOUR GLUTES!  Your glutes are basically like big giant hands on the back of your pelvis, counterbalancing your guts and your lady business.  The problem is, though, that we have to wake them up.  You can’t just decide you’re going to use them, as they've been enjoying a very very very very long nap.  They need an alarm clock and a drill sergeant to shake them into action.

Let me be their alarm and their snooze button.  You can’t do it alone.  You need external feedback, which is something else I have come to understand and embrace.  Online is beautiful and enough, BUT hands-on care is what dynamic women deserve and need sometimes.  

Join me this summer for a tour of your cheeks, to help your body make sense and to dissolve the falling apart feeling into a falling together feeling.  You’ll walk away going, huh, that is just common sense and, well, it’s actually so doable.  No diets, no crunching, no burning, no hoping.  Just some squats and some glute-happy know-how.

Toss aside shiny fitness and be a part of smart fitness.  I can’t wait to see you.