Truth Tuesday: Let 'Er Rip

I think this whole pending new website thing has come charging into my guts and crawled into my heart and up to my throat, grabbing on it’s way each particle and entry point to creative, fluid expression.

And, you know, we could blame the normal stress involved, but as per usual, I don’t feel like doing normal.

I mean, yeah, it’s stressful and scary. But.

But, there’s another layer and as I sat with it today I realized that this later may apply to you and your own personal blocks to forward movement and genuine umph in life. FYI, I originally used the word “carefully” up there: "as I sat with it today carefully" - and then edited myself very quickly. Why? Because I haven’t sat with this layer "carefully." I’ve sat with it like a frustrated toddler in a teensy fancy artisan glass shop where your mother says to you over and over, “DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.” Yeah, that’s how I sat with it.

Alas, my discovery of this layer is that much of the chaos and dragging feet has to do with the "w" word: Worth:

I want forward movement and solvency but only if I can keep on living in my turtle shell. I want to share the grace and power of MOMMASTRONG with e’erbody but I really am not sure at all if I and it are enough. I want a beautifully energized pace of business, but I don’t want to sacrifice tranquility and meaning. I want to experience genuine wholeness and vitality, but I’m afraid of being a "threat" of too whole and too shiny. I want to be ok, but if I am ok, then everything and everyone might go away. Does any of this sound familiar to you? Maybe in the realm of weight, life habits, jobs, motherhood, relationships, etc?

And if your first answer is no, I beg you to look a little deeper. Are certain areas of your life fraught with grinding effort and often too much chaos? Is there always an external road block? A valid excuse?

Beneath these things sometimes exists a giant cement wall deep down that summons the whisper of one of the above “buts.” If you’re really honest, you’ll see what I mean. And you’ll start to see that a shift of any kind may be as simple as lifting up a little tiny rock in the sand and tossing it out of your way, rather than the big giant beached whale you thought was there.

So, in honor of this here space, where you and I challenge each other to opt for strength and adventure, I’m going to add another: Courage. Courage is not what you think. Courage is to be fearful (and to keep going). To stand in the face of all of those “buts,” each of which was settled deeply into your life by outside forces and unnecessary life lessons, and to say, I’m gonna do it anyway because I’m over doing it another way.

The worse that happens is that you and I land on our asses with ourselves and our integrity and our courage. We still got ourselves and our integrity and our courage, so - what’s the true risk? Nada. Exactly.

This brings me to the final word here, which is the latest phrase we can add to the MOMMASTRONG lineup (Begin Again, Show Up, Winning Ugly): Let ‘Er Rip.

Let’s do it. Whatever you have waiting in the wings for your self-actualization, don’t continue to believe in anything other than your worth. Plant your feet in the ground and just let go. Make the best of the possibility that you can grow and can stay rooted even in the experience of that worth.

Thus ...

Dear new website and beautiful brand doing incredible things for women: Let ‘Er Rip.