Truth Tuesday: What Are You Willing To Do?

And now it’s time for a little MommaStrong style locker talk.

I’m in a phase of business (and life) where the energy of giving up comes bucking into the corral. It’s a wild willy nilly animal, this giving up sensation, and for the amateur, it’d be a good reason to fold.

But, I won’t. And that could be in part because I’m an extremely stubborn cowgirl, but also because I’ve learned an important skill.

Being an instigator of change and growth: Most of the time, there’s no way you can be ready for anything. While planning and strategy and education are essential, you can often times get stuck in a cycle of those things and never actually hit go. Hitting Go is skill that most people don’t learn or practice. Why? Because it’s a crapshoot. It often times ends in failure, always exposes you for better or worse, and sometimes will require you to go back to the drawing board and try again. But, when you really agree to become an instigator of change, you get better and better at it. Your predictions are more reliable, your mode of operations more honed, and your vision more productive than grandiose. The best thing is that fear becomes just a part of your life, like your socks. And, even better than the best thing is that instigating fuels you with energy and passion, as risk itself breeds blood flow to every suffocating appendage in your life. Now, this skill came to me through necessity and through a total abandon to a mission and purpose. And they came from being willing to do the work required to keep on keeping on. I had to learn from people who know better, I had to confront my fallibilities personally and professionally, I had to give up a lot, I had to add in a lot, I had to make some choices that made feel bummed out. All of it. I had to do the work. And I will have to do even more work - immediately - in order to keep moving forward with integrity and solvency.

This is the same for you and your strength. This is the same for your health and your ailments. Barbie and I hear so many people who come to us ready to make changes, unhappy with their life circumstances, miserable in their skin. And for some reason, they can’t be instigators of deserved change. And there’s nothing wrong with them, honestly. It’s often the container and their soil that is keeping them from budding. BUT, the only thing that will ever give that seed a chance to bloom is a scientific orchestra of reaching for the sun. There has to be a GO moment in that little seed or else, it’ll just start to disintegrate into the muddy ground.

Choose the orchestra. Reach for the sun.

This October, I’m going to ask you to be different. I’m going to ask you to stop thinking. To stop planning. To stop waiting. To stop talking. To stop complaining. And I’m going to ask you to be willing to initiate change in your life. Maybe it doesn’t work? So what. You’ll earn what doesn’t work and while you’ve gotten that valuable education, you’ll also suddenly feel at least one iota more alive. The risk it took to get you there will feed the next, even in the grandest of all failures. Trust me. I’ve been there.

Hit GO. The holidays are coming up. You deserve to spend your holidays this year relishing in the delights rather than wishing you were ”better” or constantly living with the exhausting chatter in your head saying you are not doing enough of something. Hit GO this October and calibrate your mojo and your health before the holidays so you can dip both feet fully into cheer and good tidings. You are human. You deserve to celebrate. Start now by celebrating what it means for you to be alive and vital. Hit GO.

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