MommaStrong's purpose is to redefine the scope of prenatal and postpartum health through specialized intelligent fitness


... WHICH IS the belief that you don't need fixing, but that you deserve integration.

We're the pirates of the mom fitness world.  You see, while most fitness companies spend their time traversing how to make you fit and motivating you via typical rewards, at Momma Strong, we don't even attempt that.  Why?  Well, on the surface, it doesn't work.  But, on a deeper level, we don't really care about those typical rewards.  I know.  We don't.  Like, at all.  All we want to know is what happens when you feel really truly strong. How do you then choose to show up in the world?  

What does the world look like when we stop paying attention to the appearance of women and we start focusing in on the action of women?

(sorry Kardashians)

our fitness philosophy

Yes, there are gazillions of fitness programs geared towards moms.  And, sure, some of them work.  But a lot of them don’t.  And when the world expects you to be a superhero shortly after giving birth, you need something that has a better success rate than “some.”

The reason these things don’t work is simple:  They are usually geared towards getting you back into your skinny jeans and not towards simply putting you back together first.  You, after your heroic journey of pregnancy and childbirth, have special needs.  Yes, you heard it.  Special physical needs that need to be addressed before you go back to crazy hot yoga or jogging or climbing or swinging or jazzercising or pilate-ing (?) or shaking your booty thing.

Here it is:

Here at MOMMA STRONG, we confront those needs head on and we train you like an elite athlete in the marathon that is motherhood. We do this with finely tuned, clinically approved, and feasible workouts that instigate an adventurous life through strength that matters.

And, along with being pirates, we are innovative and ahead-of-the trends.  Read below for what sets us apart and why our programs are truly sustainably life-changing.

Here’s the how and why of what we do:

1) Work smarter, not harder:

I am not a believer in long bouts of cardio or traditional weight lifting as the main source of your exercise.  Instead, I advocate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT).  This type of workout is a perfect example of working smarter, not harder.   You can usually get a good HIIT workout done in 30 minutes or less, plus it not only makes you lose fat faster and build leaner muscle mass, it also develops resilience.  And resilience for mothers is essential.  Rarely is your child going to run in a straight line at the same pace for 45 minutes with you chasing her.  No, she’s going to bounce, climb, sneak, crawl, slither, charge, and squat.  Follow her lead.  Exercise in a way that emulates real life.

2) Efficient and effective:

Let’s face it.  Time is not a luxury for most moms.  You know the feeling you get after you finally get your baby down to nap and you realize you have T-44 minutes before the alone time has ended?  Yeah.  I hear ya.  You sit there frozen, trying to decide between creative impulses, sleep, work, laundry (never), going pee, calling your mom, paying bills, breathing, or that cup of tea while watching really bad tv.  And then by the time you start one thing, you have 12 minutes left and, what the f*%k, your tea just only got finished steeping.  With this in mind, I’ve designed both my programs get the job done as efficiently and effectively as possible.  You can even still drink that tea and watch bad tv.  Definitely breathing will get done.  Probably even call your mom.  But don’t push it with the laundry.

3) Extension over Flexion:

Extension is the key to the health of your spine.  And the health of your spine is the key to the health of you.  The problem is that we live in an not-so extended modern existence.  We literally exist in flexion, most of us.  We sit a lot.  Work a lot.  Hurry a lot.  Drive a lot.  Hold a lot.  These are all flexion-type of movements.  And then – THEN – we go and do exercise that is flexion-based.  Running.  Crunching.  Curling.  Spinning.  Which means we strengthen the very muscles that are already pulling us forward into hunchback status. This is where I step in.  I make you stop doing predominantly flexion-based exercise.  Instead, we extend.  Squat.  Pull-up. Superman. Bird-Dog. Plank.  I use exercise as a time to reverse what modern life demands of us.  Which, in the end, will actually help to support your modern lifestyle.  You’ll find that by doing more extension exercises, you’ll have less pain while sitting, running, lifting, hurrying, driving, etc.  Along with that, you’ll actually see positive changes in your body.  Your neck will be longer, spine straighter, butt higher, and tummy flatter.

4) Acceptance:

So.  Honesty time.  When I was getting ready to do the video shoot for this website, I was only 4 months postpartum and still carrying around a bit of a jelly belly and definitely a few extra pounds.  My boobs were all, um, I-got-milk looking.  I was suffering from a hormonal breakout of some kind.  And the week prior my 5-year old daughter had been sick with some sort of evil virus that mostly affected her ability to sleep.  Hello dark circles.  Hello fuzzy brain.  I thought about putting the shoot off another week or two, waiting until I felt truly ready to be “seen.”  There was a lot of pressure on me to look perfect.  Heck, I’m selling products to moms focused on getting in shape.  BUT.  I made a conscious decision to not wait for perfection.  To be authentic instead.  And to be fully accepting. I realized that I am not solely selling products to get moms in shape, but also selling products to give moms their strength back and to nurture their empowerment.  Getting in shape is an inevitable and guaranteed byproduct of my workouts, for sure.  But, after having a baby, the reality for most of us is that it takes a bit of time to get in shape, whatever in shape means to you.  It SHOULD take a bit of time.  You might be breastfeeding, which means you need a few extra pounds to make enough milk.  Or you might just be focusing on exactly what motherhood asks you to focus on: Raising your children and getting the basics of self-care covered.  So, give yourself a break.  Accept yourself a hundred percent and be super uber grateful for the journey your body is on.  The more you love it, the more it will love you back.  I promise.