MommaFuel Clinic:


We're gonna do nutrition differently.

I'm not gonna scare you into health.

I'm not gonna beg of you restriction.

I'm not gonna ask you to form a new identity around food.

I'm gonna help you know what fuels YOU, uniquely YOU.

The sky is the limit.  I guarantee it.



Nutrition advice nowadays is so scary, isn't it?  We need to step away from fear-based nutrition.  We need to say no to the diet fads that seem so relentlessly hopeful.  You need to start living your life.  And you can now ask yourself what your body needs to help you show up without hiding.  You deserve to fuel your life, not put yourself in yet another container that is asking you to behave.  What if behaving is merely listening?


In this two hour clinic, I'll give you the groundwork for how to do that.  You'll walk away with a better idea of what your body is asking of you and how to respond to it sustainably, joyfully, and indulgently.

We will discuss:

  • What food intolerances are and are not
  • How to identify foods that irritate/inflame your system
  • How to make small changes with big results WITHOUT restriction
  • Why you binge
  • Your adrenal system and your hormones and FOOD
  • Your digestive system
  • Hacks for food addictions
  • The Real Deal on the Big Three:  Sugar, Grains, and Booze
  • Being healthy when your family is not
  • Eating out
  • Letting go of old rules
  • Disordered Eating and how to heal

You will get:

  • A fully planned two week fuel adventure, unique to you
  • 10 favorite recipes and a cookbook list
  • Support referrals from local professionals, if warranted
  • And a delicious lunch on me!


Saturday, October 21st




An awesome, beautifully lit, food-friendly space in Central Houston

(TBA depending on number of RSVPs)



Open to 50 folks only.  This will go fast.  Our Houston-member base is in the thousands, so if you want in, grab it today!



$90.  See you soon.


(nap not included)