April 14th!

Yeehaw.  So, today, I had the honor of doing some really important connecting.  A woman in the jail is being transferred to Chicago today and she wanted to make sure that she could access MommaStrong when she was able to get wifi. She explained that she was being moved to a residential program that treats "prostitutes" called Naomi's House.  I told her I'd do my best to look into how to make her access to MommaStrong happen by reaching out to her case worker there, but that I couldn't promise anything and that protocol in these programs is MOST important.  Well, I made some calls today and discovered that Naomi's House is revolutionary.  They represent a huge shift in the prosecution of prostitutes from a criminal charge of the woman to a situation in which that woman has been victimized and exploited.  YES YES YES!!!!  This is huge!!!!  And it looks like I'll be able to get access to MommaStrong to this woman, after they do some reviews of the website and the curriculum.  Even better news is that I may be planning a visit out there soon to see how else I can help.  Please check out their work at their website and this video when you can.