At Momma Strong, we believe that sustainable strength and wellness aren't motivated by traditional goals like weight loss, shiny happy skinny jeans, and six pack abs.  While these are all perfectly ok aspects of what moves us to get fit, we know - from our years in the trenches here - that what gets women to adopt life-changing self-care habits for the long term is much much much much deeper than that.  


What motivates us to treat ourselves with care and to bring our bodies to their strongest expression is 1) how it helps us show up in the world and 2) how it helps us to engage in the world.  

So, for each week that a member here at Momma Strong meets her workout goals, she records her "show up" and then we donate our time/programs to a woman-in-need or a women's agency in need.  


Prior to introducing this initiative to The Hook: 30-Day Strength Challenge, only 11% of members finished the full 30 days.  Once Share the Show Up entered the picture, that rate of completion went up to - get ready for it - 88%.  


Check back right here to stay in contact with our incredible, provocative work.  We update weekly with our activities in the field.