Look, let's keep this simple.  You may be tempted to go join the gym and do something a little more beefy.  Or maybe you'll head over to one of those free HIIT sites where you'll do a million push-ups and watch women in teensy shorts do them better than you.  Or maybe you'll decide you need to become a yogi or a rock climber overnight to gain your mojo back.

But, we do it better here.  Why?  Because the Momma Strong method works for you too.  It's smarter and more effective.  All of the above WILL result in injury.  Trust me.  16 years in the business of injury prevention/treatment and I can say that with a level of certainty.  The method here will create sustainable strength that is just enough.  Then, when you do go do the beefy things in life, you'll not need three weeks at the chiropractor to recover.  Win win.

Like everything else here, it's cheap, but effective.  $2/month.  All online.  Available 24/7.   A tough 15-minute High Intensity Interval Training, focused specifically on your needs and weak points.  A different workout everyday.  Access to the Momma Strong archives too (over 700 workouts).  Oh, and injury tutorials to help you coast through the hiccups of life with a bit more ease.

I'll see you soon.  


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