Your Pelvic Floor Matters

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LOOK, DON't be fooled ...

You may have tried lots of exercise programs and lots of fitness trends before.  Maybe with some success, maybe not.  But, I guarantee that they didn't do what MommaStrong does.  

You see, after you had kids - or really after just being a human for long enough - your body developed some sneaky ways to get the "job" done.  Your nervous system just wants to keep you upright and walking and will do whatever it needs to do to make that happen.  So, your posture, your go-to habits, etc are all probably not exactly in the best working order.  Most essential to this issue is that your pelvic floor hasn't been integrated into your life and especially not into your exercising.  

Here at MommaStrong, we integrate the pelvic floor into ALL dynamic movement so that your hoo-ha and your belly and your stabilizing muscles (booty and midback) all do an incredible dance of ease and resiliency.  Chronic pain patterns and injuries melt away and you experience a new access to playfulness - merely because you've learned the right way to activate the deepest part of your physical being.

And, before you start thinking that this is gonna be incredibly difficult, think again.  It's not rocket science, it's simple engineering.  You don't need a part time to get fit and you don't need a degree in anatomy.  At the end of the day, this is all common sense and it's a language your body has known since it was born, but just hasn't been practicing.  You just need a good teacher.  (ahem, us)

Come see what the fuss is about and start to reclaim power and play in your body.