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  • $2 a month gets you access to ALL 5 programs, which means you can bounce around and move about when needed without any further payment or registration.  You can cancel at any time.
  • All content is available via streaming videos in a membership site, which is available to you 24/7.  All you need is wifi.
  • All programs are equipment free.  All you need is a yoga mat (or cushioned surface), a pair of soup cans, and a rolled up towel.  
  • Once you sign up, you also get included in a closed facebook group with mommas just like you.



A comprehensive set of workouts and programs that meet you where you are in pregnancy, from when you have that elusive "glow" and mojo to the more normal beached whale status.  Also includes a variety of SAFE 15-minute high intensity interval workouts so that you can stave off boredom.  

Look, when you're pregnant, you need very specific things, but you want very different things - like french fries and a nap.  I've got your back ... and your belly.  Show up and experience the pregnancy you deserve without the angst.


Healing diastasis recti is not rocket science, but it's also THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your postpartum health.  This course is only 3 days long and teaches the incredibly effective MommaStrong abdominal bracing method.  Unlike other programs out there, ours only takes 15 minutes a day and gets you moving into other dynamic movement quickly.  

Ours is also the only program that can be done DIRECTLY after giving birth, even during those 6 weeks when the doc says ix-nay to exercise.  However, it works decades after birth as well.  


In just 12 workouts, you can completely alter your physical wellbeing and your access to strength.  This program works as an excellent transitionary tool after pregnancy, childbirth, illness, injury, or a just a general sedentary period.  It gets your body using the muscles that change the game so that you can get back IN the game:  The midback, the glutes, and your pelvic floor.  

The best part is that the workouts are 15-minute low impact intervals and are different every day of the program.  Because who needs to add "boredom" to your list of complaints in the odd invention of modern motherhood?  Not I.  


A 30-Day Strength Challenge that isn't like the other Burn-bikini-P90-21-day-miracle-blaster-ughs out there.  This one knows that you need more expert care than just a barking happy spandex queen telling you to do more burpees.  You're a woman with special needs and with more to do in life than try to get back in your skinny jeans.  This challenge trains you for the action sport that motherhood is in just one 15-minute High Intensity Interval workout a day.

Along with those workouts, you get access to our incredible motivation strategies that are truly one-of-a-kind.  You'll set underwhelming goals, pair up with an accountability buddies, and donate your weekly "showing up" to women's agencies.  This is where you learn to Show Up, Win Ugly, and Begin Again.  


This is our most advanced program that consists of dynamic, strategically designed 15-minute High Intensity Interval workouts.  You move right along with Courtney, as she films a new workout every.single.day.   Together, along with her, you progress your strength and reclaim the energy, sanity you need to survive motherhood.   

Members who do this program end up sticking around for years, take huge risks in their lives, and find the voice to say Yes to adventure.  Sisterhood.  

Are you ready to invest a teensy weensy amount of dough towards your autonomy, integration, risk-taking, adventure, and strength?


$2 a month.  That's it.  LESS THAN NETFLIX.  cancel anytime.

Give it a shot.  Click that heart UP there and we'll see you soon.  

“Life has no romance without risk.”
- Sarah Doherty, the first one-legged person to climb Mt. McKinley