Word of Mouth, Mom-to-Mom Referrals

We have grown, thus far, 100% by word of mouth referrals.  And we'd like to keep it that way.  Why?

In a landscape of network and affiliate marketing, we've opted out.  Not because it doesn't work, but because the cost of that sort of growth is Trust.  We want someone to hear about MommaStrong authentically and without any kickbacks involved.  Simple, right?

Sorta.  We know that referring people to this sort of program gets a little tricky and can feel icky.  You may need some help and some incentive.  So, we've created a superfly referral program that we hope fits your needs.  The breakdown:

 designed by member Nicole Worthley

designed by member Nicole Worthley

  1. A youtube video you can share with your lovelies that explains that you're letting them know about the program NOT because you think they're lazy blobs, and NOT because you're getting a kickback BUT because you have found your fitness home and you think they may get cozy here too.  The video also explains the kickbacks you do get (see below) and gives them brief details about what exactly MommaStrong is.
  2. For EVERY referral that signs up, we will give YOU one lifetime membership that you get to gift to a woman-in-need.  You get to choose this woman based on our simple guidelines for that selection.
  3. When you refer 20 other women, you will receive a most awesome t-shirt designed by our own member, Nicole Worthley, that says, "She Did It Anyway."  

*referrals are tracked via the sign-up form when your lovely purchases her membership.  You then automatically receive credit.  and you'll be emailed a lifetime gift certificate, along with the guidelines for how to choose that woman-in-need.  We will also keep a tally of your referrals so that when you hit that 20 mark, your t-shirt will be on it's way.

Here's that youtube video.  BOOKMARK THE LINK and SHARE AWAY!