Here's a fantastic guide to the NORMAL and OKAY way you crave foods.  There's nothing wrong with craving stuff, even stuff that is bad for you.  Think about this:  What if cravings are just a primal signal of what your body needs rather than some willy nilly "bad" behavior?  

When your body needs something for equilibrium and to keep you going, it draws forth from it's memory the last and most dense source of that nutrient.  So, if you're fatigued, your body needs fuel.  It gets quick fuel from sugar.  And if the last and most dense source of sugar was, say, a donut, your gorgeous nervous system is going to make you salivate for a donut.  There's nothing wrong with the craving, the biggest problem is that you haven't given your nervous system other options for quick fuel.  Start doing that and you and cravings can high five and enjoy a wonderful relationship that doesn't involve deprivation EVER.

Check it out.  You can also - and I highly suggest - print this out for easy viewing when cravings strike by clicking HERE.