Um.  Help.


It all started when...


That's all I can say.  

This is my service to your needed presence and wholeness in the world.  An emergency clinic in which I will help your body get out of survival mode and help your mind, heart, spirit edge into problem solving and flexibility.

Only ONE hour.  No talking or analyzing.  Just a one hour session in which you'll stretch, roll, juggle, and repair.  This is for you and only you - use it as you need and experience a good solid break from the dismay and distress you may feel right now.  This is not escape or detaching - it's a landing back into you so that you can do. So that you can do _________.

Optional 15-minute HIIT workout at the end.  OPTIONAL.  

You can join in person (yesssss) if in Houston or via livestream if elsewhere.


11am-12pm Saturday,  Dec 3rd

Performance Pain & Sports Medicine
4126 SW Fwy, Suite 1300
Houston 77027