This week, we talked about help and why, in recovery especially, help is to hard to ask for and even harder to receive.  This is because for most addicts, needing help generally results in one or all of the following three things:  Disappointment, harm, or abandonment.  So, as a survival skill, these women have learned to turn off the "Need" alert and to get by on their own, to their own demise.  

We then chatted together about how they can start to learn to ask for and receive help by using their bodies first, rather than the often difficult "other people" aspect.  For instance, if they are feeling tired, they could say, "Hey body, I'm feeling super tired.  What can we do about this?"  Or, "Hey body, I'm really anxious right now, I need some relief."  The next step was to then have their bodies respond like a super nurturing momma would - perhaps one that they never knew, but one that they could imagine and wish for.  

The women wrote their 3 top needs down and agreed to spend the next week asking their own body how it might be able to help them.

The session finished with a rowdy set of intervals:  Sprints, jumping jacks, ball toss, medicine ball catch, jump ropes, and volleyball.