Jan 29, 2020

The only reason I am able to get this blog written right now is because my 7 month old is taking a nap and my 8 year old is painting while watching an incredibly irritating show on Netflix.  The 8 year old is home sick - the type of sick that means she can’t go to school, but she is well enough to do crafts.  Which also means that my long list of work/life survival tasks will be all be 0.00000001% completed by end of day. 

In any case, I am going to try to get this done before the baby wakes up, so this means I will keep it short.  That’s rather easy because the message for today is:  JANUARY, YOU STINK.  Or, JANUARY, WHY OH WHY?  Or, JANUARY, JUST KIDDING.  I don’t know about you, but this is not a new phenomenon.  In fact, I believe this happens every year.  I get all excited to start fresh and begin again and then BLAMMO.  January comes roaring in like a train being operated by a maniacal conductor who blows by each train stop without slowing down, cackling and watching passengers face death as they try to get onboard. 

I am that passenger.

And, you know what is even more insane about this situation?  EVERY YEAR, I convince myself that it is going to be different even though EVERY YEAR, I want to go tell January to shove it where the sun don’t shine.  I am not sure what this is optimism or delusion, but so it is.

Ahem.  I’m tired.  I’m so far from getting caught up after the holidays.  My health has taken a beating.  I feel gigantic waves of “I don’t wanna” every single day.  There is just A LOT happening and I am only one human and guess what?  I’m officially and forever (send this to me in December please) going to declare January as the worst month in the year and ought to never ever be considered a month to do anything but get through it.

This then leads to the graceful moment that defines MommaStrong and all I could ever live by:  It is time for a do-over.  I hereby declare February the new “begin again” month.  And because January leveled me so completely, I am going to walk in humble rather than grandiose.  This means that we are going to embark on a challenge this month in which we are just going to focus on:

  1. Household systems/habits
  2. The power of small wins
  3. Eating a few green things, drinking more water, getting daily exercise
  4. Finding a few ways to slow the eff down

So, I suppose the lesson here is one we will all probably learn over and over and over and over in our lives:  Get out of your own way and stop making it all so hard.  None of us need more disappointment or feelings of being not enough.  None of us need to feel more behind than we already do.  None of us need more missed goals.  None of us need to be reminded that we are fallible humans.  What we need is a rather mediocre presence of getting what needs to get done and leaving the rest. 

CLICK HERE and join me this February 4th as we bid farewell to that stinker of a month, January, and usher in the month of mediocrity.  Come get enough done, find your way towards small wins that equal big progress, and leave behind the torture that is thinking life ought to be anything other than what it is.  As Pema Chodron’s words have been teaching me:  Come “relax in the groundlessness of your situation.” 


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