Why Are You Here?

Dec 30, 2019


I’m laying in a twin sized bed in my dad’s house, with an actually sleeping baby sacked out on my chest.  This sweet babe used to sleep through the night and then four months came around and, predictably, that magical skill fell apart and devolved into 45 minute wakings and a need for 24/7 nipple in the mouth.  This is especially exciting to experience when traveling for the holidays, with three kids and very little reserves left for life.  But, alas, this is how it goes when we decide to be engaged humans who happen to also be mothers.

In any case, the obvious moral of the short story above is that I’m tired.  But I’m still showing up and I’m not freaking out and I’m somehow just taking it in stride.  This is new for me.  There’s a resilient, easy going part of me that I’ve never known before.  Maybe it’s age or surviving enough ups/downs in life or surrender ... or maybe it’s that I’m connected to something bigger than me that keeps me anchored in the vast unknown.  Yes.  That is it.

It might sound dumb or obvious that the “something bigger than me” is exercise and MommaStrong, but I’m a cheesy cornball at heart, so I’ll cut to the chase:  Integrating my body, showing up for my strength every day, and being of service in my amazing career here is definitely this anchor.  Definitely.  And even though it’s harder than hard most days and even though we are a small business that fights a good fight to stay afloat each month, it’s a life-giving and soul-settling experience.  And it has changed my life for the better.

MommaStrong is the loving, but firm coach who wakes me up each morning and feeds me Wheaties and gets my sneakers ready and rushs me out the door so that I can start my training for the Olympic event of motherhood.  It’s the irritating, but impactful teacher who gives zero wiggle room on grammar and due dates and salient aspects of a thesis.  It’s the therapist who never gives up, but requires honesty and checking in rather than checking out.  MommaStrong has helped me have enough time to build a very strong argument that showing up for myself with daily exercise is a conduit for being a better mother, friend, sister, daughter, partner, employee, person in recovery, etc.

The reason I bring this up is because this week is the week where we will all be convinced that some shiny, structured, and strict fitness regime will make us glisten and shed weight and get smaller and be “clean” and ripped and in control and on our way.  This is the week where we will spend too much money on wellness things that are guaranteed to result in disappointment.  The more it costs, the more unsustainable it is, the more time it takes each day, the higher rate of injury, the better.

We all know this doesn’t work.  We also know sitting on the side lines doesn’t work.  So, how then do we engage in fitness in healthy, life-affirming ways?  We choose our “why” and then we choose to do just enough each day in order to high five that why.

It’s not motivation we need, nor is it a strict program.  It’s simply making a decision that you are going to protect and serve your why each day as best as you can.  I can tell you with certainty that this one perspective switch will grant you access to being comfortable in your skin, because it is the thing that gets you showing up even on your worst days and even when traveling with sleepless babies and even when it’s not convenient.  I promise.

My why?  Being a worker among workers, a mother among mothers, a friend among friends, etc.  I want to do what I say I’m going to do for my kids and my friends and my family and my colleagues.  And I want to stay engaged even when it’s easier to isolate and exit.  And this means I have to show up for 15 minutes of exercise a day.  It keeps me out of pain, it keeps me committed to my job, it keeps me sane, it keeps me in my lane, it keeps me in my body, it keeps me ready and resilient, it keeps me learning, it keeps me humble, and it keeps me true to myself.

Join me this month as I help you figure out YOUR why so that you can get hitched to your strength sustainably and courageously.  We will be tackling four different themes and I’ll be right here helping you show up imperfectly, even if that’s for five minutes of stretching.

Week 1:  The interior (what you want/need)

Week 2:  The exterior (what you don’t want/need)

Week 3:  The guts (the inspiration/accountability you need)

Week 4:  The joy (celebrating your why)

Sign up today ($5) and join me. Click here for more info and to register.  Do the New Year’s differently :)


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