Dec 02, 2019

I’ve been doing this fitness career thing for almost two decades now and I still feel like I am chasing relentlessly behind a fast-moving vehicle that contains all the knowledge about human movement that I need to know.  It’s just one giant, magnificent onion.  Layers and layers and layers underneath others layers.  Just when I learn one thing, another one slides out from underneath.  And each time I learn that one other thing, I always feel so dumb that I didn’t know it before.  So, whenever we have new members come in, I always have such compassion when they reach out and they’re like, “HOW COME I DIDN’T KNOW THIS BEFORE?”  I’m like, “Me toooooo.  Get me to the end of the dang onion!”

But, I must be careful not to confuse layers with complexity.  Because even though there is a lot to learn, the truth is that human movement and biomechanics is just not that complicated.  It...

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Oct 30, 2019

I’ve been thinking A LOT lately about the emancipation of women … where we went wrong, where we are continuing to go wrong, and whether or not we are truly “free.”  And my experience postpartum this go around has sort of kind of really shown me that, um, no, I do not feel free.

I’m embarrassed to admit that.  I’m a feminist.  I’m a strong woman.  I don’t want anyone to know that I’m still making way too many dinners, doing way too many dishes, feeling pressure to be prettier than I am, taking care of an infant, taking care of two other growing children with a bazillion after school activities, not getting enough sleep, feeling like a martyr, feeling invisible, being the default manager of the household, falling behind on my mental health self-care, AND working full time.  But I am. 

This is not anyone’s fault.  This is not a diatribe on equal partnership or social inequality.  ...

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Make It Work

Sep 27, 2019

I’d like to formally say that whatever you end up with in terms of how your body looks during and after you’ve grown and birthed a tiny human (or endured miscarriages and loss), is just 95% genetics and pre-programmed systemic stuff.  I’m talking about your stretch marks, your belly, your boobs, your butt, and all the other things in this arena.  The remaining 4.5% goes to luck.  And 0.5% goes to effort.  

Now, that’s not the story we are told as women, right?  Right.  We are told verbally and non-verbally that 95% is effort (remaining 5% hiring a night nurse).  And we believe it.  We gobble up this bullshit fake statistic and convince ourselves that we will eat "clean" (ugh), drink green smoothies, and exercise just exactly right such that we will somehow control genetics and make ourselves glossy pregnant and postpartum goddesses, looking nothing like our mothers and...

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Slump Buster

Aug 29, 2019

Bleh.  I really did convince myself with the third kiddo that THIS TIME I’d not get so gross afterwards.  Like, I’d shower at least and when I didn’t, I’d still manage to appear messy, but cute.  Tired, but sweet.  Grungy, but sexy.

Yeah.  Um.  No.

I’d blame Instagram for all the whitewashed pictures of new mommas, tousled hair and fresh faces.  Some of them even have six packs under sweatshirts.  I mean.  BUT, why did I even look at these images?  Why did I even convince myself that this was a good idea?  Oh, yeah ... now I remember ... Because procreation and survival of the species absolutely depends on maternal amnesia. 

As much as I’d like to say, as the founder a company completely dedicated to function over appearance, that I care more about function over appearance, this isn’t entirely what has happened.  There’s this slippery, slithering thing in my deep...

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Back to Basics

Jul 30, 2019

I rented a SNOO the other night, in a desperate, sleep-deprived haze. You can thank the internet for that and the never-ending dungeon maze that is the search phrase “my baby only sleeps on my chest.”
Within that maze was a taunting beacon of hope, the SNOO, developed by none other than Dr. Harvey Karp of The Happiest Baby on the Block. What is it? Oh, just basically a ridiculously expensive but impressively well-designed bassinet that claims to teach your baby independent sleep within weeks.
I know. I did that. Sleep deprivation and the internet are not a promising pair - unless you’re the inventor of genius bassinets and other trinkets.
In any case, the SNOO arrived and I read through all the material excitedly and, once my hands were free of a nursing/crying/napping babe, I put that thing together. A few clicks, a WiFi connection, a cute little swaddle blanket that gets everything all snuggly.
I’ll cut to...
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Tune In

Jun 26, 2019

I always thought the book Eat, Pray, Love ought to be rewritten for regular humans and instead be called, Eat, Shit, Shower.  Because, let’s just be real here:  Most days, if I get those three things done, that I consider myself spiritually whole - forget Bali and Italy and Silent Retreats.

Don’t get me wrong, Elizabeth Gilbert’s book was incredibly inspiring to me when I first read it and I’m confident there is a ton of wisdom in there that I have yet to appreciate.   In fact, the scene in which she sits on the bathroom floor and decides to REALLY listen to herself in regards to her crumbling marriage was hugely helpful during my own divorce.  BUT, I had to pull myself away from the temptation she lent me to leave my entire life, run for the hills, and live in silent and divine communion with the natural world. 

You see, as moms and as partners, we can’t often do that.  We can’t afford it in any sort of way, can we?...

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Forever Changed

May 29, 2019

Quilt and beautiful bee made by MommaStrong crafters!


The most common comment I get these days, by strangers or friends, is “You must be so ready to be done being pregnant!” And I know I look uncomfortable and I certainly know my belly appears to be an engineering feat (it is), but whenever I get asked that, my internal response is always "NOOOOOOOOOOO, I am not done!"

Don’t get me wrong, I am endlessly excited to meet this little person.  Endlessly.  We have already been through so much together and I’ve had the distinct benefit of enjoying a pain-free, anxiety-free pregnancy (thank you MommaStrong).  And, because of that, I feel that I’ve been present enough for the last 9 months to really get to know her and to get to know myself as a mom more than ever before.  I understand now why having kids in your late 30s is actually such a divine experience.  I feel integrated and whole for the first time in my life, like...

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Don't Go It Alone

Apr 19, 2019

I will admit that for much of my life, I really thought the goal was to be as independent as possible.  Asking for help, getting help, or even needing help felt like things that violated the code of Grown Up.  And seven years ago, when I first started MommaStrong, you would have found series of self-help and business books near my bedside table all about how to “go it alone” and to “never give up.” 

I’m happy to report that that experiment failed miserably.  Trying to go it alone was the dumbest idea I ever had and left me at the hands of someone who ought not have been steering the ship all by her lonesome - MYSELF.  I made epic mistakes in life and in motherhood and in business that would have never ever happened had I done one important thing:  Run it by another grown up first. 

Who could have blamed me, though?  I don’t know about you, but this “independent success” value system wasn’t...

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Exercise as a Right, not a Luxury

Mar 29, 2019

I’m 38 years old and 28 weeks pregnant.  After my last two pregnancies, I swore I would never get pregnant again, much less endure the postpartum experience, much less raise more little people.  That was partly because of how motherhood had felt to my body and to my nervous system.  In one word, it felt:  Harrowing.  Overwhelming.  Painful.  Stunting.  Paralyzing.  Overstimulating. 

Ok, that was more than one word. 

That was my reality though.  I spent both pregnancies in states of panic, convinced that everything around me was harming my baby and that my anxiety about everything harming my baby was going to cause more to harm to my baby.  I dipped out of life as much as I could, obsessed over tiny little things, and just agreed to get through the nine (ten) months alive.  Every time I went to the doctor - which, hello, when you’re pregnant is like allllll the time - I have a full blown panic attack...

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Feb 22, 2019

Tight equals strong, right?



That is just not true when it comes to the most important muscle groups in the female body:  Your pelvic floor.  In fact, a too toned and too tight pelvic floor is actually a very, very weak and vulnerable pelvic floor.  I would say that most, if not all, of the women who come to me for incontinence, prolapse, diastasis recti, back pain, and so many other issues are there because they have hypertonicity in their pelvic floor.  This basically means that they’ve been kegeling the bejeezus out of their hoohas in an effort to tighten things up down there and instead of making things better, they’ve made things worse.

Along with that, traditional ways of strengthening our bodies and holding our bodies all lead to hypertonicity as well.  So, let’s say you enjoyed decades of Pilates classes and boot camps and you kept on squeezing when they said squeeze and then you felt the burn, well … I hate to...

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