Jump Start

We know, our cues can be confusing! Whether a new member or a longtime one, come get real live help with our basic principles.

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What is Jump Start?

Jump Start is a two hour workshop conducted via Zoom video conferencing that will introduce (or re-introduce) you to our basic principles and method. You'll have time to ask questions, get more familiar with all of our programs, and make sure your alignment is spot on for success in our online content. Plus, you'll get to meet other fellow mommas like you, saying odd things together like "flashlights down!" The enrollment is limited to 10 participants to ensure you get personalized attention and instruction.

Breakdown of Workshop

Here's what we will be doing during the two hours:


We will tackle the fundamental alignment cues that you will need in your MommaStrong adventure.  This includes frontals back, catching a raindrop, tucking your rib chin, getting tushy, knee and toe eyeballs forward, and more!  Jeepers, we are goofy, aren't we? 


The way you engage AND disengage your abdominals and your pelvic floor is key to your overall strength and resiliency.  We will cover this technique in depth and make sure you walk out knowing the ins and outs.


We believe that your future strength depends on your ability to stay the course even when you've got life stuff happening.  Here, you will learn how to adjust or adapt your workouts as needed and how to use the Fix Mes when you need fixing.


You know we couldn't have you leave without getting your 15 minutes in.  We will guide you through a safe, basic workout suitable for both beginners and seasoned members and leave you feeling a little bit better than when you walked in.


You matter.


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