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Friends of MommaStrong

We are more aware than ever that we can't and don't want to do "it" all. And when it comes to your mental health, we want to find ways to support that as much as your physical strength. So, this means that we needed to find like-minded professionals, thinkers, do-ers, and clinicians with whom to join forces. Hence, our page and program, Friends of MommaStrong.
Meet Our Friends

Feel like reading? Printable workouts are available.

Momma To Be Workout #1
New Momma Workout #1
Momma Workout #3
Momma To Be Workout #2
New Momma Workout #2
Momma Workout #2

Tell Your Favorite Clinician

Want to tell your favorite clinician (physical therapist, OBGYN, pediatrician, body worker, acupuncturist, etc.) about MommaStrong? Do it!

Here is a special program we have set up for clinicians. They will get 1 month FREE access to the full MommaStrong program as well as specific information for clinicians.
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MommaStrong Moves


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Navigating the Program

Not sure where to start? Download our guide to help you get started.

How do I stream MommaStrong?

All you need is a smart phone, tablet, or smart TV. Click the below link for instructions.

How to Stream MommaStrong

MommaStrong Lingo

We use some terms and phrases that may sound unfamiliar at first but hopefully will be enlightening over time. Here is a list of terms you may hear in MommaStrong.

You will hear a lot more about this, but for now just know this is the metaphor we use to strengthen the pelvic floor and help maintain the full core. Older videos may refer to this as claw crane.

Daily HIIT workout. There is one posted daily for each main program (Momma-To-Be, New Momma, Momma).

A metaphor used to describe keeping your frontals back so that if you had a flashlight in your hooha it would shine straight down at the ground. It would not shoot out in front of you.

Inclusive language referring to your "private parts", previously referred to in the program as your hooha.

High-Intensity Interval Workouts. These type of workouts consist of short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods. The main programs (Momma-To-Be, New Momma and Momma) have a daily HIIT workout called the D15.

Oldie But Goodie. It refers to a work out that was taped previously.

The area between your peehole and  your butt. In more technical terms, it is called the perineum.

Types of Workouts

55 seconds of exercise, 5 seconds of rest.

Exercises repeat in this fashion: ABCABCDEFDEFGH

Any interval time of exercise and rest.

Exercises repeat in this fashion: AABBCCDDEEFF

40 seconds of exercise, 20 seconds of exercise.

Exercises repeat in this fashion: ABBACDDCEFFE

Any interval time of exercise and rest.

Exercises repeat in this fashion: ABCDEFGFAGDFBCE

Any interval time of exercise and rest.

Exercises repeat in this fashion: ABCDEFGHIJKLMN


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