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"I cried during my first Momma Strong workout. "Begin again" did it to me. I needed to hear those words, and as a first time momma, it hit deep. I woke up one day with sore boobs and since then, when I found out I was pregnant, my body, although it was doing amazing things, didn't feel like mine and everyday was different. Amazing but different. After the phase of "sleep when the baby sleeps," I found it difficult to be active and I think it was more mental than physical. I couldn't understand why- I was a crossfitter, had done P90X, Insanity, and T-25 but couldn't find the motivation to get back to it. My personal motto was 'put your mask on first' and I knew the importance of self care but I lost a bit of that when my son became the boss. Then came 'win ugly' and 'show up.' So simple, and even more of what I needed to hear. The hardest part is showing up but it's a little less hard now that I've accepted it won't always be pretty. The important part is to get my workout done because what won't stop is the up and down from playing on the floor with my son, holding him up to stand, lifting him in the air, and doing whatever else entertains him (dancing, jumping around, etc). My life with him will only get more active as he starts to crawl, and I need to be physically and mentally prepared for it! "

Molly G.

"MommaStrong got me thinking about what example I want to set for my son. One where I have good intentions to 'put my mask on first,' or one where I learn to begin again after I'm thrown a curve ball, win ugly if I needed to that day, and show up to be a wife and mama? With the MommaStrong mantras, it's been easy to complete, maybe not do but complete :), each day's workout because I feel stronger than the day before. Thanks to Courtney and the MommaStrong team, I am newly inspired to treat myself better so that I can be a great wife and momma."

Molly G.

"MommaStrong has completely changed my mentality toward fitness in a way that has made it more sustainable than any other time in my life. It’s an all-encompassing program that is both very scheduled and very flexible. The support from the online community is priceless. Obviously, Courtney’s content is incredibly helpful - but beyond that the insight she shares has contributed to my exploration of new methods of healing which has lead to improvement with my chronic pain after months of a plateau. The fact that she gives her time to women in need and recovery is incredible. Courtney is a true gem."

Lindsay D.

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