We are so excited to announce our 2020 Summer Workshop Tour!  If you haven’t been to our live events, then now is the time to get yourself to one.  We will be tackling our belief system of “Enoughism.”  

What would it feel like to forgive yourself for not being stronger or fitter or leaner or more disciplined? Or for not running that marathon or, if you did, for not running it fast enough or training hard enough?  Or for not having a flat tummy or a round tuckus? Or for not making it to yoga more than once a year? Or for not doing enough self-care each day or for not meditating like a monk?  


YES, we are going to free ourselves from a bunch of the bologna we’ve been sold about our health and fitness.  And we’re going to really forgive ourselves and then make a solid, lasting decision (backed by science and research) that we are doing 100% enough.  ENOUGH.

Breakdown of workshop:

1. Join us for the first two hours in which we get in the weeds about the following subjects:

  • How strong do you really need to be?  I will discuss the MommaStrong anchor points (glutes, mid back, and deep abs) and also do specific exercises to get them very very very awake.
  • Self-preservation is more important than self-improvement:  I will introduce you to the research around why 15-minutes is enough daily exercise.  And we will follow that up with a feisty, but just enough 15-minute HIIT workout (modifications for pregnant and new mommas).  
  • Saying good-bye to what you have been sold about your health and fitness:  I will dive into the latest research provided to us by the Health at Every Size initiative, along with showing you how our posture and repetitive movements are affected by body dysmorphia and objectification.  We will ask ourselves, what truly qualifies a woman who is well? And then we follow that up with some muscle release and stretching, along with a bit of posture retraining.  

2. Then, join us for an optional (but awesome) third hour in which we will open up the workshop to a full (optional) hour of Q&A, where you get to ask me any and all questions about your body, your pain, your goals, and MommaStrong teachings.  

We can’t wait to see you.  Please make time this summer to declare Enoughism for yourself, even if that means you have to travel, get an extra babysitter, or orchestrate whatever help your situation demands.  You deserve to be here and we have a spot waiting for you.

*Each clinic needs 30 people in order to happen.  We expect to fill them, but could also use your help. This is a GREAT workshop to invite new people to, so gather your friends and let them know that they too are enough. 


April 18, 2020

5001 Navigation Blvd
Houston, Texas 77011




May 2, 2020

Ripley-Grier Studios
520 8th Ave.
NY, NY 100189 




June 14, 2020

218 7th Street E.
St.Paul, MN 55125




July 18, 2020

85 Seaverns Avenue
Boston, MA 02130
10am-1pm or 2pm-5pm

Register AM (10-1)
Register PM (2-5)


August 1, 2020

Om Culture
2210 N Pacific Street
Seattle, WA 98103 


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