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Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have everything you need right now in your house. A yoga mat and some comfy shoes to start. If you need weights, some cans from your pantry will do just fine. You may need a chair from time to time and we frequently use a resistance band to get the glutes firing, but you can also use a belt, yoga strap or sports bra.  Many people like to buy a band for the glute work and we have some in our shop, but it is not a requirement.  You may also use a yoga bolster but a rolled up towel works just fine too. If you want to do release work, you will want a tennis ball or lacrosse ball. And well, that's about it.

MommaStrong is for everyone! We have a very diverse member base and these programs can be helpful even if you are not a mother.  If you are looking for general fitness, you'll go to the "Momma" program.  If you need some rehabilitation after injury, surgery, illness, or just a general, beautiful, slow phase, head over to "New Momma."  

Yes! We have had  a 72 year old finish a 30 day intensive for the third time! Now, it should be said that she went through the appropriate rehabilitation programs first in order to get there, but she is there! As with any other customer, please start with the program that focuses on your lifestage. Momma-To-Be during pregnancy, New Momma for 0-6 months postpartum and then Momma. Rembmer two things: 1) It is never too late to get strong; and 2) Your body is incredibly resilient when given the right tools.

Yes! As always, though, please check with your physician prior to starting this or any other exercise program. The good news is that with the right attention and care, using MommaStrong methods could actually help address any biomechanical issues you are having. We have a broad range of body-specific and injury-specific Fix Me sessions that can help you confront with care the things that ail you and most of the programs include options for modifications for special situations. 

Yes! As always, though, please check with your physician prior to starting this or any other program. The good news for you is that our Hazy Days program is specifically created for 0-8 weeks postpartum. And then our New Momma program picks up at 8 weeks postpartum. Here at MommaStrong we believe that this tender fourth trimester is a special period and we will support you during this time. With that said, we also agree with your doctor and don't think you ought to be exercising!  There's a middle ground between doing nothing and doing too much. Welcome to sanity.

Yes, all the workouts are safe for women with Diastasis Recti and we have a specialized program to address this specific issue.

We do not do before/afters because we think these are cheap marketing tactics that do nothing but make you purchase with unrealistic expectations, which 98% of the time result in shame. We are also anti-objectification and avoid all sources of images that sell the body of a woman over her entire self.

MommaStrong promotes a Health At Every Size® (HAES) approach, focused on movement and strengthening for the sake of health and wellness rather than weight control. We respect the natural diversity of body sizes and shapes and do not equate health with thinness or weight loss. The MommaStrong method guarantees strength and a core integration that you have never experienced in your life, and how you support that strength in your own fantastic body will be up to you and other qualified professionals to identify.

We do not offer refunds on our monthly membership. All of our programs are effective and affordable, which means that it's very little risk to you. And we stand by what is possible and encourage you to embrace MommaStrong. But, we also know we don't work for everyone. So, it's very simple to cancel your membership at any time. You can cancel membership in the my account area of the website once you are logged in.

We will offer refunds on clinics and workshops up until 2 weeks prior to the event because we know stuff comes up and sometime priorities have to shift.

We have recently added a limited supply of T-shirts for sale. At this time, we will exchange T-shirts if you need a different size, but we cannot refund your purchase. As we develop this function a bit more, we aim to provide more possibilities. Thanks for your understanding.

Well, we've got our eye out for the sneaky tech elves who like to make our days interesting here at MommaStrong Central. Please send an email to [email protected] with the subject "URGENT TECH ISSUE" and we will be in touch lickety-split.

In the library you will find a series of downloadable workouts that you can take with you wherever you go. We also have some printed workouts on our Resources page.

Gift memberships are rad and are available for purchase at

Thanks for helping us spread the word. We absolutely love to find new Mommas.

If you order any apparel or merchandise we process orders in 1-2 business days. We are unable to cancel or change orders once they have been shipped.

When you are feeling fully inspired on your own, you can always unsubscribe on the My Account page.

Buddy/Squad matches go out every month on the 5th. If you signed up after the 5th of the month, you won’t be matched up until the 5th of the following month. Hang tight! Your buddy is on the way.

#1 Just use your phone or laptop.

Chrome seems to be the best browser.

#2 Wanna watch on your Smart TV?

HDMI Connector

If you have an HDMI input on your TV, you can use an HDMI cord to connect your computer to your TV.


  1. Go to the internet browser on your XBOX One, navigate to
  2. Click the favorite icon at the top by the url.
  3. Once it is a favorite, you can find it in the My Pins area.



  1. Open the app on your phone/tablet.
  2. Click the connect icon.
  3. Go to

Tubio Cast

  1. Open the Tubio app.
  2. Go to the Momma Strong website.
  3. Hit the icon in the bottom right corner to pair your TV with your smart device.

Smart View

  1. Open the Smart View app.
  2. Select your TV.
  3. When apps pop up select your internet browser and go to

Apple TV

  1. Swipe up to the control center on your apple device.
  2. Click screen mirroring and select your apple TV.

Amazon Fire TV

  1. Go to the FireFox app (or any other internet browser you have).
  2. Navigate to

Chromecast (from laptop)

  1. Navigate to on laptop in Google Chrome browser.
  2. Turn on the TV and Chromecast.
  3. Click on the 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen. If Chrome needs to be updated, it’ll appear as an upward arrow.
  4. Click cast.
  5. Click on the device you are casting to.
  6. After several seconds, a pop up will appear on the computer screen asking if you want to “Optimize”. This will prevent the lagging/skipping that sometimes happens when casting. The video will no longer appear on the laptop screen either.

Chromecast (from iphone)

  1. Download Streamer for Chromecast from the App Store.
  2. Select screen mirror from within the app.
  3. Then on the next screen tap start mirroring.
  4. Then choose broadcast.
  5. Open in Chrome on your phone.
  6. Audio will play from your phone, not the TV but allows you to use bluetooth headphones while working out.

LG Smart TV

  1. Go to the web browser and navigate to
  2. Bookmark website using browser, and add it to home screen.
  3. Click the star by the URL to add to your bookmarks.
  4. It will then pop up as one of your applications, which you can access by hitting the home button.
  5. You can check remember me so you don’t have to log in every time.

Samsung Smart TV

  1. Navigate to the website on your Laptop/Phone/Tablet.
  2. Open Google Home app and open Home.
  3. Tap on your account icon (it should be on the bottom right).
  4. Scroll until you see the option that says mirror device (if you have never done it before you will have to set up your TV as a device).
  5. Once casting, the sound will come from the TV.

While the fundamental method is the same, the difference between MommaStrong and PappaStrong rests in how it is delivered and which movement imbalance issues are targeted.  Here’s a basic rundown:

1. After being pregnant or having kids, the endocrine system of women is vastly more vulnerable than men.  This means that we need to properly train women for this vulnerability so that they can heal and not cause more harm.  The endocrine system of men also chanted after children, due to stress and a change in daily habits (eating more, moving less).  Thus, the ordering of exercises is different in terms of how we tax the nervous system.  One is not easier than the other.  For men, we create bigger changes in rest versus exertion, which creates an “adversity” for the nervous system and increases their output level.  For women, we create more access to feel-good, nurturing endorphins through leveled rest versus exertion intervals.  This means that we provide effective without added output or adrenal stress.

2. Women go through a ton of very dysfunctional movement patterns during childcare, especially when kiddos are babies and toddlers.  This means that the female body needs much more repair from the start.  So, the entry point for women is much more intensive and nuanced.  For men, they also experience dysfunctional movement patterns after becoming parents, but not a chronic way like women.  This means that their training becomes more about prevention at the outset than repair. 

3. Men and women differ in their posture, due to social conditioning and body language acquired from childhood.  We tackle pain patterns differently because of this and also use slight changes in the emphasis of certain cues.

4. Finally, while not always true and certainly not always gender-specific, mothering and fathering in this culture is just different.  There are demands that one demographic feels and the other doesn’t.  These demands require us, a wellness service, to provide other support systems, language, humor, and community unique to that demographic.

*We would like to state the obvious in that gender boundaries and assumptions are changing.  No longer is mothering always a female role and no longer is fathering always a male role.  As a company dedicated to the optimal functioning of the human body, we must honor the distinct and disparate needs of a pelvis which houses a vagina and that of a pelvis which houses a penis.  While both have pelvic floors that operate very similarly, they are just empirically different.  So, please be tolerant of us while we learn better ways to discuss anatomy without falling prey to ignorant gender assumptions, binaries, and generalizations.  We aim to be inclusive in every way and are open, always, to ways in which we can do that better.

Some "abdominal exercises" can be contraindicated for most women after childbirth.  However, while we never do sit-ups, crunches, or push-ups in MommaStrong, we do teach proper plank form and performance.  During 6 months postpartum, no women do parallel planks in our program - we do "v planks" instead.  And in the v plank position, we are able to activate the deep pelvic floor muscles, which retrains the body how to use proper muscles during planks eventually.  

Our belief system is that planks can become ok, along with lots of dynamic movement, if the right muscles are engaged during the exercise.  And, in the end, we get functional, healed, integrated women ruling the world! 



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