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Hands-on help matters. Check out our options for getting more MommaStrong, but in the flesh.


This in-person workshop is a series of three one hour strategy sessions designed to help you "show up" in your MommaStrong programs and challenges.  Are you:

  • Having trouble getting your 15 minutes in each day?  
  • Constantly beating yourself up for not prioritizing your exercise? 
  • In so much pain and discomfort that you don't know where to begin? 
  • Struggling with meeting your goals over and over again?  

Join Courtney in person as she teaches her secrets for showing up through the thick and thin of life, so that you can get hooked into your own strength journey.  Includes a workout with Courtney, plus personalized feedback and weekly homework.  

First round of this series is in Houston, TX.  Includes three one hour Saturday sessions: Jan. 11th, Jan. 18th, and Jan. 25th.  EXTREMELY LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE. 

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This 2 hour in-person workshop is for:

  • Folks who are just starting out in MommaStrong and want to do the introductory lessons with real live guidance. 
  • Folks who have been around a while and need a reboot in the basics

Let's be honest, it's hard to get started and it's always better to be confused with company.  Join us for an informative and inspiring two hours that will help you begin your strength journey with as much clarity as possible.  

We will tackle brace blink rocket, frontals back, breathing, how to get tushy, ribs tucked, modifications on your terms, and much more. 

Next workshop is in Houston, TX on Sat, March 28th.

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2020 SUMMER Workshops 

Oh, we can't wait! We have done our best to accommodate a variety of locations. We will be on both coasts and in the midwest. Spots will go quickly. 

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This is one of our favorite and most fulfilling in-person events.  Please check back in January for details! 

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Personal Sessions

Get personalized help with some 1:1 time with Courtney over Facetime or Skype.

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